Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Cheers to the New Year!

Hello, 2014!!!! I’m quite excited for this year! I’m claiming it to be a better year than the last one. Yep, positive outlook on things mean positive outcomes.

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The last year was not what I expected it to be. Yeah, there were happy moments, but some things were quite unexpected. I “quit” Graduate School earlier this year. I was taking up MS Genetics minor in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology in UPLB. I admit it’s really my fault; my Special Problem didn’t go well as expected, so I simply left school. Up to now, I do not know the grades I got from my classes that semester. I was just too scared to face the consequences, so I just “hid” from all my professors. Maybe, Graduate School really isn’t for me. (Stop ranting, NOW)

One of the highlights of my year, though, is the success of Pixie Dust. My sister and I started it last September 2012, but 2013 was very good to our small business. We sold 11 collections in total, joined 3 bazaars, launched Pixie Bites by Pixie Dust and made tons of new friends! We’re so thankful for the overwhelming support of our wonderful customers. Have you visited our online shop lately?
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Dress from H&M, belt from Bershka, Flats from POSH Pocket Shoes

New Year means new things to do and accomplish. So here’s the list of things I’ll accomplish this year:
  • Get a (stable) job – I’ve been unemployed for more than a year already!!! Haha. I miss getting regular paychecks.
  • Travel to more places in the Philippines – Hoping to do a Mindanao tour (Camiguin, CDO, Bukidnon, GenSan) sometime this year. Plus, Bacolod, too!
  • Financial stability – This is my yearly “New Year resolution.” I do get to save money throughout the year, but it ends up getting used up in one way or another. This year, I’ll say goodbye to credit card debt, pinky promise!
  • Blog regularly – Hoping I’ll get the knack of updating my blog regularly Hihi

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How about you? What’s in your list of things to accomplish this year? How did you spend your New Year’s?




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