Monday, January 13, 2014

Windy Days

January is embracing us with cold winds lately, and I'm loving the weather! The hard part is waking up and getting off from my bed, though. Hehe. Have you experienced that? Yung tamad na tamad ka gumising kasi ang saraaap matulog!


Kidding aside, not everyone is actually happy about the cold weather. It's taking a toll on our agriculture. Climate change, indeed, is occurring, and it’s up to us to save the planet. Amazeballs! As I’m typing this, I’m watching a documentary on climate change on TV!


Breaking off from the "serious side" of things, here's what I wore yesterday. My family and I, plus AJ and Tita Esmie, went out for lunch. Then, AJ and I went to the mall to watch a movie. Yup, mahangin sa labas! Hahaha!


Pixie Dust, Forever 21, Mango, POSH Pocket Shoes, cropped top, skirt, floral, print, fashio, outfit, flats, glitter, bag

Top from Pixie Dust, Skirt from Forever 21, Flats from POSH Pocket Shoes, and Bag from Mango


We watched 47 Ronin, which starred Keanu Reeves. If it wasn't for my boyfriend, I wouldn't watch that movie; not a fan of "action" movies. Surprise, surprise: I didn’t like it. I’m not really an action film kind of girl. Though I enjoyed the love story part, especially the line “I will search for you through a thousand worlds and 10,000 lifetimes until I find you*swoon*

And I’m back on Earth! LOL. But seriously, I thought the movie was so-so just because it’s an action film. However, after checking out reviews on the film, it wasn’t just me who didn’t enjoy the movie.

On Rotten Tomatoes, the film currently holds a 10% rating. Bad news for the studious.


I personally love Hiroyuki Sanada (who played Oishi) and Rinko Kikuchi (who played Mizuki, the Witch). Both were really great in portraying their roles. I don’t like Keanu Reeves one bit. Psssh. Wala naman talaga siyang ginawa. He wasn’t even the one who gathered the ronins back together, and yet, he is the “star” of the film. Bleh.


Moving on from that disastrous film viewing, we headed to Chili’s for dinner since I was craving for a steak. Oddly enough, it was my first time there. And now, I know why: chili on almost every dish. Haha! Surprise, Dianne! I wanted to order the Texas Cheese Poppers and Texas Cheese Fries, but I hesitated ‘coz it has onions and jalapenos. Yep, I’m a sissy when it comes to chili (ha! it rhymes!). Wasn’t really hungry, so I decided to get a main dish and no appetizers. I ordered the Smothered Sirloin (sorry, no photos ‘coz I forgot!), which I truly love! Their serving sizes are pretty big, so you can split the steak and mashed potatoes, actually. My boyfriend and I loved our dining experience at Chili’s, and we’ll surely go back!




It’s Monday again!!! Gaaaah! This week will be pretty packed with errands and parties. PLUS! My Target and haul are arriving this week!! Can’t wait to share these with you guys!





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